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By reading these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by the rules provided within as a user of this website. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, goods ordered from kamagraonline.com will be either called an ‘order’ or a ‘purchase’. By using this website and completing your order, you agree to the Terms and Conditions given herein. They were created specifically to set out the acceptable terms of use regarding this website so that users know that they accept full responsibility while taking the medication, treatments and drugs that are available for sale on the website.


Refunds and Unwanted Purchases


If you are not happy with your purchase and wish to return your order, you must fulfil the following criteria:



We will issue a refund as soon as we receive your returned goods and only if it adheres to the above mentioned requirements.




It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they receive emails from us regarding their order. Care must be taken when entering your email address at the time of order and we do not take responsibility for delivery or communication problems under the circumstances of incorrectly submitted data on the part of the customer. Please also make a point of checking your Spam folder for our confirmation emails. 



Website Usage


Most of the information pertaining to the medical use of products found on this website can also be found on similar websites and information resources online. The information and notices provided by us are applicable to the products and services provided by us. Please adhere to the following terms and conditions while browsing. These are applicable to anyone visiting and browsing the website.


1. All of the content onsite is subject to copyright and cannot be re-used, printed, lent, sold or copied or reproduced without the express permission of the owner.

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3. All persons using this website and its products absolve Kamagra Online from any responsibility for any event that occurs due to direct or indirect use of the website and the products sold on the website. Whilst we endeavor to ensure that our website is free from viruses or malware and place sophisticated precautions in place to ensure this, customers using this website also accept that they will assume all responsibility for any malware or viruses that their systems may be subject to while communicating with our server or from the website itself.
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