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Super P Force Oral Jelly

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What is Super P Force Jelly?

Super P Force Jelly simultaneously treats erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). This product comes in sachets that contain a flavoured gel-like substance which contains of 100mg sildenafil citrate and 60mg dapoxetine. Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient contained in ED medication Viagra and dapoxetine is also commonly known by the brand name Priligy, which is the first compound that has been specifically developed for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

How does Super P Force Jelly Work?

Sildenafil citrate treats erectile dysfunction by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), which is an enzyme found in particularly high concentrations in the smooth muscle cells lining the blood vessels of the penis. This causes levels of cyclic guanine monophosphate (cGMP) to increase and the body?s ability to produce nitric oxide improves. Nitric oxide promotes blood vessel dilation and when blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases. Healthy blood flow is essential for normal erectile function.

If you order Super P Force Jelly online it also contains dapoxetine, which treats premature ejaculation, and belongs to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class of medications. SSRI medications were initially developed as a treatment for depression, but they were found to also be an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine treats premature ejaculation by promoting the activity of serotonin in the body.

Benefits of Super P Force Jelly

Super P Force has the additional benefit of treating premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. Both of these sexual issues can cause considerable distress which is why this medication is in high demand. It is also manufactured in various flavours that are palatable and easy to swallow. Gel based ED medications are also often preferred due to the fact that they are metabolised faster than solids so they have a quick onset of effects.

How should this Medication be used?

  • Open the sachet and squeeze the contents directly into your mouth or onto a spoon.
  • Avoid taking it with a large or high-fat meal as this can affect the absorption rate and increase the time that it takes for it to start working effectively.
  • If you order Super P Force Jelly online avoid taking it with alcohol as this can interfere with how the medication works and lead to unwanted side effects.
  • This medication works in response to sexual stimulation so the user will not have a constant or unwanted erection when sex is not taking place.
  • This medication should not be used by men under the age of 18 or over the age of 65.

What is the Correct Dosage?

  • Take one sachet 1 ? 2 hours before planned sexual activity.
  • The sildenafil citrate starts working within as little as 15 ? 30 minutes, but dapoxetine takes around 1 hour to start working.
  • Do not exceed one sachet in 24 hours as this will not enhance the desired effects and it may lead to unwanted side effects.

Side Effects of Super P Force Jelly

Like most medications, these jellies have potential side effects although most people do not experience them. These effects are usually mild to moderate in nature and include headache, facial flushing and indigestion. Some less common side effects include dry mouth and muscle pain. Carefully following usage and dosage instructions can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects.

Warnings and Interactions for Super P Force Jelly

  • Do not take this medication if you are taking medicines know as nitrates.
  • Avoid this medication if taking amyl nitrite, which is also known as ?poppers?.
  • Avoid taking this medication with any other oral or local treatments for ED.
  • Do not take this medication if you have heart problems such as heart failure or problems with heart rhythm.
  • This medication may cause dizziness and reduce your ability to concentrate so carefully check how it affects you before driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery.
  • If you buy Super P Force Jelly avoid taking it with tramadol which is used to treat severe pain.
  • Avoid taking this medication with tryptophan, which is used to help you sleep.
  • Do not take this medication with medicines that are used to treat depression called monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).
  • Avoid this medication if also taking the herbal medicine called St. John?s wort.

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Denny Williams – Aug 15, 2021
Fast acting and super effective. You will not be disappointed. Denny Williams
Brendan Murry – Jul 09, 2021
I tried these tablets for the first time both my partner (girlfriend) and I had a wonderful night. We were exhausted the following day but well worth it. Brendan Murry

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