The Dos and Don’ts of Using Priligy Tablets

Premature ejaculation is not considered as big a sexual health issue as impotence by most people today. This is largely down to the lack of focus on this particular aspect by experts and the tendencies of men around the world to keep such problems secret instead of talking about it out in the open and finding a solution. This has meant that there are relatively few medicines that can tackle the problem of premature ejaculation.

Priligy tablets are one of the few medicines that are able to effectively tackle the issue of premature ejaculation by delaying ejaculation and increasing the body’s control over the process. Do you know what the best way to consume it? What you should do or not do when using these medicines?

This blog highlights the Dos and Don’ts of using Priligy tablets.


– Read the label of the medicine before using it. Make sure you are allergic to none of the contents used in the medicine.
– Take only the correct dosage of the medicine. Taking more than the desired dosage could increase the risk of side effects.
– Use water to swallow the pill. Anything other than water may decrease the effectiveness of the drug.
– Take the medicine at least 30 – 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.


– Take the medicine if you have a history of heart related ailments or are already a patient of blood pressure.
– Use the medicine if you are high on drugs or alcohol, that will only jeopardize your health and well being
– Use a medicine that you are allergic to
– Continue to use the medicine if it leads to severe and rare side effects before consulting a doctor.

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