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  • Marvin Applegate
  • 05 Apr 2019
Buy Super Kamagra Tablets for Effective Results

Why spend more money buying separate name brand medicines for two separate disorders, when you can buy Super Kamagra tablets 160mg for extraordinarily less.Super Kamagra tablets 160mg are made of a combination of sildenafil citrate 100mg and dapoxatine 60mg.

The reason these two active ingredients are put together is so that it can combat both premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) at the exact same time while both working separately. This in turn makes it so satisfying to buy Super Kamagra tablets, as it has become the most effective way of dealing with the two most common sexual disorders found in men.

Why Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg Is Better

Since you will be experience of two main active ingredients in a single convenient dosage when you buy Super Kamagra tablets, the need to buy two separate medications for ED and PE are completely mitigated, allowing you to save both time and money. Since Super Kamagra is a generic medication, the amount you will be saving might actually astound you.

Super Kamagra is also considered to be the most tolerated as users who take the proper precautions experience the best results with no need to worry about side effects, that of which are already so insignificant.

How to Safely Use Super Kamagra Effectively

Since the effects of this medication is a lot stronger and a lot has to happen, it is best to follow instructions and dosage requirements for the best possible results. A single dosage for Super Kamagra tablets 160mg would be a single tablet taken before any sexual activity takes place. A meal may be enjoyed but the strength of Super Kamagra requires next to no fatty foods and alcohol.

A single dosage is to be taken with a full glass of water. As there are two active ingredients on their own separate activation timers, it is best to not jump straight into the nitty gritty just yet, take your time and enjoy some foreplay before getting down to business. Super Kamagra takes up to between 60 to 90 minutes to activate properly after ingestion.

Buy Super Kamagra Tablets from Us Today

Super Kamagra is your two in one ED and PE relief that can be bought through our online pharmacy today. We offer affordable prices with discounts given to those who like to buy in bulk. Any order placed within the UK can expect a delivery time of as quick as 2 – 4 days.

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Although Mr. Applegate has several medical degrees with a doctorate in Urology, he prefers not to prefix his name with or be referred to as doctor. His personal belief in the treatment of men's sexual health is that it needs to be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity and in order to create a better rapport with his patients he chooses to be seen as more of a friend then a clinical, medical professional. Mr. Applegate graduated from Dublin University and decided to specialize in Andrology which focuses specifically on sexual health problems that are unique to the male anatomy. He has since published numerous medical journals as well as two books on men's sexual health and is a greatly respected pioneer within the medical community.