Apcalis Jellies Provide Optimal Sexual Satisfaction

  • Posted On: 12 Dec 2018
  • Posted By: Marvin Applegate
Apcalis Jellies Provide Optimal Sexual Satisfaction

A romantic getaway with your partner is almost always a fantastic opportunity to finally engage in spontaneous, stress-free sexual activity. Unless you have erectile dysfunction, that is. Having a form of sexual dysfunction requiring the consistent ingestion of medication each time you wish to engage in sexual activity can really obstruct the sexual spontaneity of a weekend away.

Moreover, the stress of ensuring a constant supply of pills taken in a specific way each time can also really detract from the romance of your couple time. All of this is easily avoided using Apcalis jellies. Apcalis Jelly contains the active ingredient tadalafil- the very same ingredient found in the popular ED medication Cialis.

Apcalis jellies are special in that they guarantee 24-36 hours of sexual performance, enabling you to enjoy your special romantic getaway entirely stress-free.

How does Apcalis Jelly Work?

The tadalafil present in Apcalis jellies works as a PDE-5 inhibitor. Men with ED produce too much of the enzyme PDE-5. This results another enzyme, cGMP, being broken down too early. In men without ED, PDE-5 is typically released following ejaculation in order to break down cGMP so that the erection can subside.

cGMP is responsible for producing erections by increasing blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. Tadaladil enables cGMP to perform this function unobstructed by inhibiting the activity of PDE-5.

The Benefits of Apcalis Jellies

  • It is affordable. Apcalis oral jelly is a generic of the far more expensive brand name Cialis. Its generic status makes it cheaper while not sacrificing on its quality or effectiveness.
  • It is palatable. It is much easier to swallow a liquid gel-like substance than a hard tablet.
  • It absorbs quicker. Liquids are easier to break down in the body than tablets. This enables men who buy Apcalis Jelly to perform within 15-30 minutes of ingestion.
  • It lasts longer. Tadalafil lasts up to 6 times longer than other PDE-5 inhibitors, making this medication a weekend favourite among men.

Buy Apcalis Jelly Online for a Luxurious Weekend Getaway

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